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The Business Behind Fundraising

Aug 23, 2022

One of the biggest factors contributing to the Great Resignation is professional development being the first thing to get cut from the budget.

Because of this, our fundraisers aren’t equipped to handle investment-level conversations and lead donors to major gifts. 

So what should be done? Investing in your staff is the top priority.

Tune in to The Business Behind Fundraising When Professional Development is the First Thing to Get Cut From the Budget with Sherry Quam Taylor. 

What You Will Discover: 

✔️You have control over donors’ gifts. If you feel your donors only want to fund projects, that’s a problem, but it can be fixed. What it actually means is they aren’t confident with your numbers and conversations.

✔️ Don’t default to transactional sponsorships. Raising too much restricted revenue isn’t a win and doesn’t allow for growth. This is why staff training is important so your team can get to major gifts.

✔️ Investing in your team is a game-changer. They should know how to handle investment-level conversations and lead donors to unrestricted gifts. This is when you’ll see your revenue grow 2x, 3x, or even 10x.

✔️ Major donors need more. The story, the problem, and the solution are important. But if your team can satisfy them with a deep understanding of your true financial need, everything shifts for the better.

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